Poor quality forks on expensive bikes (Genesis, Nevada).

On NEVADA bicycles (10 pcs.), The bushings were re-sharpened, which are installed inside the fork, since they were of a larger diameter than needed. As a result, the forks wobble. When replacing the bushings, debris from them were found inside the forks … Apparently, during assembly, they were adjusted in size without removing them from the fork and did not even shake out all this garbage.

$ 165 was spent on making the bushings and installing them.

The rear axle crunches on the model Genesis


Crunch in the rear axle clutch mechanism (ratchet) on GENESIS bicycles. The defect manifests itself even with a slight pressure on the pedals. There are already 3 known cases when the rear axle crunches. And all this not after a certain period of operation, but right out of the box. One such bike has already been returned to us and there is a great chance that two others will also be returned. At the moment, the costs incurred due to this defect are equal to one returned bike.

«Genesis» Steering column missing

«Team» — crack in the frame at the junction with the steering column

«Viper» — welding drops on the frame

«Town» — curved frame

«Pulse» torn out spokes in the wheels

Crooked wheels







  1. Sticker on the frame with the wrong size. The model on a 19 «frame with color: black-orange-white has a sticker from a 16» frame
  2. Rear brake disc bolts not tightened
  3. Rear wheel bolts not tightened

Other problems

The following problems are common:
• Holey cameras
• lack of thread on the steering stem
• crooked connecting rods
• pedal curves
• rusty brake discs
• poorly tightened bolts of parts installed at the factory (brake discs on the rear wheels, connecting rods)